Mark Morton | Chair

Mark Morton is the co-founder and Managing Director of Scilling Digital Mining, Ireland’s first and only Bitcoin mining company.

A financial Mathematics and Actuarial graduate, Mark now works full-time on the day-to-day running and management of Scilling Digital Mining.

Mark and the team place particular emphasis on showcasing how the strategic use of Bitcoin mining can make a positive contribution to Ireland’s emission targets and renewable goals. Last year, they successfully set up the first and only Bitcoin mining operation on the island of Ireland, collocated with an anaerobic digester.

Chair Mark Morton

Rachel Geyer | Vice Chair

Rachel Geyer has a background in tertiary education and is the Head of Education and Company Spokesperson for GmbH, whose vision is to unleash the power of the Bitcoin network.

Rachel first discovered Bitcoin in 2017, but only understood the implications of this new technology in 2020, after a year of intense study.  She is also the co-founder of Les Femmes orange, providing Bitcoin education made by women, with the mission to encourage more women to study Bitcoin.

She is mother to four adult children and spent 25 years living in Europe, China, the Middle East and South Africa, before settling back in Germany in 2020.  She holds both the British and German nationality.

Vice chair Rachel Geyer

Mike Hermann | Treasurer

Mike Hermann is an energy manager working in European regulation management at one of the four German electricity transmission system operators (TSO). He has also been active in the field of European energy and regulatory policy since 2014.

Mike became aware of Bitcoin around 2017 and has subsequently been working on technical solutions for providing energy for bitcoin mining, focussing on the volatility of feed-in from renewable energy sources.

Mike has a deep understanding of the advantages of integrating bitcoin mining into the German energy economy and brings experts of both areas together. He is convinced that Bitcoin as a storage method of value will play an essential role for the long-term security of energy supply in the future.

Treasurer Mike Hermann

Dr. Sven Hildebrandt | Board Member

Dr. Sven Hildebrandt has a background in traditional finance and joined the Bitcoin-Space in 2016. He understands himself as a bridge builder between different communities and is an advocator for proper regulation in the Blockchain-Space.

He is currently working as Executive Director Business Development & Strategic Partnerships at Boerse Stuttgart Digital, the 6th largest European Exchange groups.

Board member Dr. Sven Hildebrandt

Dr. Harald Rauter | Board Member

Dr. Harald Rauter holds degrees in Natural Sciences and Economics. His primary professional focus is innovation and entrepreneurship in the context of the material societal changes that are driven by the consequences and effects of climate change.

For the past 10 years he has been an investor and portfolio manager for climate-positive investments both in the public- as well the private sector. He discovered Bitcoin in 2016 and since then spends most of his time on understanding, communicating and capturing the net-positive value and outcomes that Bitcoin generates across the environmental, societal and economic spectrum.

Board member Dr. Harald Rauter

Frederik Vyncke | Board Member

Frederik is Director and interim CEO at Prosperity Digital, a pioneering company that combines blockchain and cleantech to create a brighter future for all. He has over 15 years of experience in leading and managing projects, teams, and operations in various industries at large corporate companies, including manufacturing, transportation, and data centers. He has been engaged into Bitcoin mining and HPC since 2015.

As a co-founder and board member of several ventures focusing on energy and waste reduction, he is passionate about leveraging cutting-edge technology to revolutionize the way we approach sustainability.

Picture of board member Frederik Vyncke

Kristian Csepscar | Board Member

Kristian combines his applied informatics expertise from the University of Economics in Prague with practical experience from his time at KPMG conducting IT audits.

For the past 5 years, as the Chief of Marketing at Braiins, a Prague-based global company that’s been innovating in bitcoin mining software and hardware since 2010, Kristian focuses on fostering strong partnerships with bitcoin miners worldwide. He’s committed to understanding bitcoin miners‘ unique use cases and operational challenges to ensure that Braiins‘ offerings push the boundaries of mining efficiency.

Picture of board member Kristian Csepscar

Michelle Pradel | Assistant to the Board

Michelle Pradel works as a legal assessor, currently in training to specialise in IT law. She discovered Bitcoin as an ‘investment’ in 2017 and has been learning since 2020 that Bitcoin is far more than just that. Her goal is to incorporate her Bitcoin-knowledge into her client work.

In addition to her legal work at the law firm Schmid Frank Rechtsanwälte PartG mbB, she supports the EBEA team with administrative work.

Picture of assistant to the board Michelle Pradel